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Darren Chong

PwC, Director (Asia / China Business Group)
Director of Chinese Services Group

Darren Chong

As a Director of Deloitte’s Chinese Service Group (CSG) in Poland and Central Europe , Darren Chong is the main liaison for Chinese clients in Poland and CE. He holds diverse and enriching experience of living and working in Malaysia, the Philippines, Mainland China, India, Hong Kong, UK and currently in Poland.
Darren, a graduate of Bachelor Degree of Business Administration in University of Putra in Malaysia, gained his MBA from National Institute of Management in Mumbai, India, and acquired his Masters of Sociology from Lancaster University, UK.
To aid the cause of international business across a broader base, he speaks few languages such as Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and Hakka), English, Bahasa, Malay and Tamil..
His significant market research experience and cross-cultural knowledge of have contributed significantly to the successful completion an array of projects of notable scale in Asia and Europe.
He first realized the necessity of sensitization to regional nuances while he was heading the Operations Department of IGM Limited in mainland China, Hong Kong and India. He was fully responsible for the setting up of new subsidiary office in Mumbai, as key person managed commercial aspects of business and product introductions, which include market analysis, budget projection, marketing strategies, partnership programs and product customization.
He joined Marikina Valley and Builder’s rural banks in the Philippines, where he involved in several projects in the areas of marketing, business development and business process development.
His expertise regarding cultural corporate etiquette transcends industries, as was demonstrated when he successfully initiated the R & D for a 40-year-old Polish textile auxiliary in South East Asia for one of the leading Polish chemical companies.
He also brought a diverse set of skills to assisting with market research and developing relationship with clients during his stint in London, working for Optimax.
In Deloitte, Darren’s responsibilities include planning, preparing and executing of strategic business plans, performing market intelligence and research and providing regular update on market trends and business scenarios of Chinese investors in Poland and CE.Darren also participate in business development sales and marketing activities (mainly in Poland and Czech Republic), contract preparation, conference and webcasts organizing, and creation and development of relations matrix within China Services Group in over 130 countries within Deloitte.
Besides being a consultant, Darren is a certified intercultural coach ( by International Coach Federation, ICF) and trainer. Darren has successfully trained over 200 companies in Europe and Asia. In Deloitte, Darren is a Steering Committee member for Deloitte’s Chinese Services Group in EMEA, a team leader in Community building, Training & Coaching, responsible for the design and delivery of intercultural awareness training for Deloitte clients and Deloitte Entities in EMEA. He has delivered trainings for employees in Deloitte in China, Poland, Czech Republic, UAE and other members of Deloitte Chinese Services Group in EMEA.
Darren is the author for ”Jak Polacy Mogą Przebić Mur Chinski” and „Sztuka biznesu z Chińczykami / Jak zaczarować indyjską kobrę.”

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