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Regulations and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – FDI Poland Investor Awards

What is the concept and history behind the FDI Poland Investor Awards?

We first started out, nearly 5 years ago, with a focus purely on FDI Inward investment to Poland, but expanded the concept to now include FDI Outgoing investment from Poland to major global markets. We are focused on distinguishing top investors who have invested directly in Poland, and are adding value to the Polish economy by creating jobs, bringing innovation and know-how and contributing towards Poland's continued rapid development. We also aim to distinguish Polish companies that are investing abroad – either via greenfield or buyouts/M&A – and are poised to thrive on a global or Europe-wide scale.

The FDI Poland Investor Awards is also an excellent platform to meet and network in a truly VIP-environment with international investors who are expanding in Poland, or can help Polish companies continue their global expansion.

Why should my company submit a Nomination?

We have found that the most savvy companies understand the PR boost and media attention from being disinguished at the very top of your field. Winners in the past have used this to help with their internal corporate PR, external recruitment, and improve their image with clients and in some cases the local community and city where they are based. Not only Winners are distinguised; All Nominations that move past the Jury's first vote to the Short-List are also promoted widely via our media and partners, both before the Awards and for several months after the Awards. We will also be active on Social Media, including Facebook, YouTube with videos, and LinkedIn.

How many Nominations categories are there?

We have Nominations in 25 categories, with focus on the largest economies interacting with Poland. Nominations are divided into FDI Incoming and FDI Outgoing (exclusively for Polish companies), with 10 region-specific Incoming Awards (plus 10 mirror-image Awards for Outgoing), 2 worldwide categories, and one overall Award for top M&A deal of the year. This Year we also added Top Exporter of the Year Awards Categories. While our initial focus was on Inward investment, our expansion to include FDI Outgoing reflects the rapid expansion of Polish firms abroad.


The answers are No; Yes; and No. Nominations are completely free to submit and winning is not connected to attendance or sponsorship. We detest “paid-for” Awards events. Our Awards Gala is meritocracy-based, and even the Jury will not know who won the Awards until the envelopes are opened on stage at the Awards Gala on 9 November.

What are the rules regarding Nominations?

Anyone can nominate anyone and there is no limit to submitted Nominations. However, we have found that the Winning Nominations are usually submitted by the Company itself, who knows best the organization. Nominations must be submitted online (see Link on the website) before the 11 August deadline. Based on these Nominations, the Jury will rank these companies, which will generate the “Short-List” - to be announced about 15 September – and these Short-Listed companies move on to the final Jury vote (8 November).

Who is on the Jury? And why such a composition?

We like a large Jury, and this year we'll have nearly 30 people on the Jury, with knowledge of different geographical markets and different sectors as regards FDI in Poland and outgoing FDI projects. In addition to country investment officers on the Jury, we also have large investors that are already invested in the region. Each year, we rotate 50% of the Jury members.

Can I attend the Awards for free?

No. Only the Jury and the Forum Speakers (in total more than 40 attend the Awards event complimentary.

Who will attend the Awards Gala and Forum ?

In October 2016, we had around 200 guests. In 2017, we expect about 250, from more than 23 countries, including US, Canada, UK, France, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Italy, India, China, Japan, Korea.

Tell me about the daytime schedule.

We have an excellent agenda for the daytime Forum, and Speakers/Panelist are generally investors and C-level execs. See the website for updated Agenda. We view the daytime Forum as an integral part of the event, and it's an excellent way to hear Case-Studies and “lessons learned” from operators active on the market.

Can I sponsor the event?

Yes, we have a few different options, and will be pleased to discuss the options. Sponsors have no influence on the voting by the Jury. Please contact Thom Barnhardt, tb(at)biznespolska.pl, or +48-508-143-963. Or Magdalena Jakubowska mjakubowska(at)biznespolska.pl.

What kind of media support does the Awards have?

We have media support via our own media plus more than 10 foreign Chambers of Commerce, Commercial Officers at Embassies, PAIZ, and KIG. Additionally, we have support from more than 10 Associations that help investors – both incoming and outgoing.

Who is the organizer?

We are an independent media group (CEE Business Media) with deep experience in Poland over the last 20 years, based in Warsaw, and we publish magazines, directories, and websites about various investment/business topics related to Poland. Our magazines include BizPoland Magazine, and three other Directories. We operate multiple websites but are primary website is BiznesPolska.pl and its English-language brethren BiznesPolska.pl/EN. We also organize 4 Awards events per year for Poland and the CEE region.

What is the date and location?

9 November 2017; Warsaw, Poland; Hotel Intercontinental.

BizPoland Magazine and BiznesPolska is proud to host the inaugural FDI Poland Investor Awards Gala , an evening dedicated to recognizing top foreign companies operating in Poland.

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