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FDI Poland Investor Awards 2016 - Nomination Forms

Deadline for Nominations: .


link to the nominations

Nominations are now open, and will close on . There is absolutely zero cost to nominate a project or company. All nominations are judged on independent criteria. The final Jury vote will be audited, and the winners will be announced on the evening of the Gala Awards 20 October 2016.

There are 23 different nomination categories

We welcome you to submit the names of firms and other entities you believe should be considered for the relevant award categories. There is no limit to the number of firms/entities you may nominate and there are no costs involved in putting forward the nominations. Nominations are open on-line from 15 June (nomination forms are to be submitted via the website). Deadline is 26 September, 2018.

We have 2 broad Categories for Nominations:

  • Inward Investment by Foreign companies to Poland
  • Outgoing Investment by Polish companies internationally

Nomination Criteria:

  • 1) The investment period covered by this 4th annual FDI Poland Investor Awards is the most recent 18 months (2015-July2016), and can be Initial investment or Expansion investment.
  • 2) Investors should have initiated their new investment or expansion during this period.
  • 3) The primary source of the investment capital must be from outside Poland; OR a Polish Company expanding abroad.

The FDI Poland Investor Awards does not award only the largest investors. The aim is to highlight and distinguish direct investment in Poland that is high value-add, innovative, and leads to hiqh-quality jobs. And to highlight innovative and dynamic Polish firms that are conquering new markets around the globe, either via "greenfield investment" or acquisitions/M&A. Investment awards will be judged by the Jury primarily on criteria:

Amount of investment20%
Strategic value to Polish economy
(innovativeness/technology transfer, etc.)
Number of jobs created20%
Quality of jobs created30%

Companies can nominate their own projects, or projects they have been associated with. In some cases, we will ask companies to provide more in-depth information if the Nomination form is incomplete.

Deadline for Nominations: .

Awards Categories:

    Inward Investment by Foreign companies to Poland

  • Top North American Investor of the Year
  • Top UK/Irish Investor of the Year
  • Top French Investor of the Year
  • Top Iberian Investor of the Year
  • Top Benelux Investor of the Year
  • Top Scandinavian Investor of the Year
  • Top DACH Investor of Year (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Top Chinese Investor of the Year
  • Top Japanese Investor of the Year
  • Top Korean Investor of the Year
  • Top Indian Investor of the Year
  • Top "Rest of World" Investor of the Year in Poland (for investment from countries not covered in above 10 categories; for example, Australia, Israel, Czech, Indonesia, South Africa or UAE)
  • Outgoing Investment by Polish companies expanding abroad

  • Top Polish Investor in North America
  • Top Polish Investor in United Kingdom/Ireland
  • Top Polish Investor in France
  • Top Polish Investor in Spain/Portugal
  • Top Polish Investor in Benelux
  • Top Polish Investor in Scandinavia or Finland
  • Top Polish Investor in Germany/Austria/Switzerland
  • Top Polish Investor in China
  • Top Polish Investor in India
  • Top Polish Investor "Rest of World" (countries not specifically covered in 10 regions above)
  • Overall

  • Top Cross-Border M&A deal of the year (exclusively for Polish company expanding abroad)
  • Most Creative or Highest-Value Exporter
  • IT, Software or Gaming Exporter
  • Luxury or Fashion Exporter (jewellery, clothing, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Transport Exporter (aviation, trains, boats, cars, buses, etc.)
  • Niche food or beverage exporter (organic, etc.)

BizPoland Magazine and BiznesPolska is proud to host the 5th annual FDI Poland Investor Awards Gala, an evening dedicated to recognizing top Foreign Direct Investors in Poland - and top Polish companies expanding abroad, as well as top Polish exporters.

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